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 Special Jonin jutsu

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PostSubject: Special Jonin jutsu   Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:12 pm

8 trigrams: 128 palms: an improved version of 8 trigrams: 64 palms. You hit all 127 of your opponents chakra points, and then hit them in the nose! Death is guaranteed if you get all the hits in the right spots. 200 Cp to use, you steal 300 Cp if succesful.
Jan's note: if you miss, however, this leaves a gaping hole in your defense. use wisely.

8 trigrams: large palms rotation: an improved version of the 8 trigrams: palm rotation. This time the dome of fists is much larger! 150 Cp

Kusanagi: grass halberd: you summon the power of the Kusanagi, a mythical sword that will do your bidding, while flying! 300 Cp
Jan's note: Let me remind us all that in Naruto, the Kusanagi is Orochimaru's Katana, a sword that can can lengthen at command.

Water style: giant water vortex: a large vortex of water drowns your opponent.200 Cp
Jan's note: obviously, you're not too smart if you use this in the desert. YOU NEED WATER.

Sand wave: a tidal wave of sand attacks your enemy. 300 Cp

Dead demon consuming seal: you seal an object (animate or inanimate) inside your body.
Jan's note: this attack, even if unsuccesful, will send you prematurely to Soul Society (That is, you DIE, dudez.) 1000 Cp

Iron body technique: your body becomes as hard as diamond. No physical attacks will work on you! 150 Cp
Jan's note: stay away from magnets and electrical attacks.
Zac's note: Iron isn't really what your made out of, you just become as hard as a diamond and no physical attacks work on you. You don't conduct electricity...
OK. well, stay away from magnets in any case, and don't jump inot a pool unless you don't intend to come out.

Technique neautralize: your opponents technique is cancelled.
Jan's note: requires the same amount of Chakra as the technique it is made to cancel

8 trigrams: sealing style: use this seal on top of the Dead deamon seal to channel the object into someone else, instead of yourself, still causing whoever used the jutsu to die, but whoever has it sealed in them stays alive. 1000 Cp

Creation rebirth: your body heals itself. You can even grow back lost limbs and entrails! 2000 Cp

Tsukuyomi: your opponent is trapped in an illusionary world where you control space and time. You can torture them to no end! It really happens in 3 seconds after they look into your eyes, but to them it seems like an eternity! 1/2 of your current Cp

One thousand birds current: an improved form of chidori. Instead of having that energy in your hand, and only punching power is increased, you have it all over your body, and any physical attack will drill holes in your opponents body! 700 Cp

Seal Release: This release any seal. 1000 Cp

Flying Thunder God jutsu: Instantly teleports the user to ANY location of their choosing. CAN be used for long distances. 500 Cp
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Special Jonin jutsu
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