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 Genin Jutsu

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PostSubject: Genin Jutsu   Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:08 pm

replacement jutsu(starting jutsu)Clone jutsu: you make illusions of you everywhere to confuse your opponent. Then strike! 5 Cp

Fireball jutsu: You spit a ball of fire at your opponent. 15 Cp

Barrage of Lions: you kick your opponent into the air, then hit them several times, knocking them back into the ground. NOt technically a Jutsu, just a dubbed attack. 10 Cp

Mind transfer jutsu: You take over your opponents mind, forcing them to do your bidding. 40 Cp
Jan's note: damage done to the user in the new body will be applied to the old body as well.

Shadow possession jutsu: you shoot a shadow at your opponent. If they get caught in it, they copy everything you do! 20 Cp to Cast and 40 Cp each post when active
Note: this drains Chakra.

Expansion jutsu: you become really fat and roll your opponent over like a boulder.20 Cp
Jan's note: this also makes you quite rotund. If somebody uses this at a top of a hill, push him off the edge and watch him roll!

Leaf whirlwind: a simple leg kick to trip your opponent. No Cp

Waterball jutsu: you spit a ball of water at your opponent. 15 Cp

Puppet technique: you use a puppet to do your bidding and attack an opponent. 20 Cp continuously after each post while active.

Third Eye: make an eye of sand to see things with...kinda useless unless you're in the middle of nowhere. 30 Cp
Women SHinobi's Association warning: If any third eyes are seen in women's showers, the user will be subject to 1000 years of pain by each of your members.

Feigning sleep technique: you make your self fall asleep... 2 Cp

-Earth Style: Stone Reaper Jutsu: A genjutsu That creates 12 statues of the grim reaper that surround the opponent and trap him with fear for 12 hours. (1 statue crumbles every hour making it easier to escape as time goes on) 60 Cp
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Genin Jutsu
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