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 Jonin Jutsu

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PostSubject: Jonin Jutsu   Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:11 pm

Shadow clone jutsu: you make anywhere from 1-5000 clones of yourself. They are solid and can do damage against an enemy. Small Amount = 50- 200Cp Insane Amount=300-500 Cp
Jan's note: the amount that can created depends on your stamina. most people generally cannot create more than 5. People with insane amounts of Stamina, like Konaru and Zac can create thousadns.

Violet flames battle encampment jutsu: you make a barrier using four clones, or three other people. This barrier is unpenetrable from the outside, and can't be taken out from the inside unless one of the four ninja making it lets down his barrier or is attacked. This can be prevented by putting up a barrier on the inside as well... Uhh....
Jan's note: this move requires a Jutsu-using clone, adn eahc clone must have a large amount of Chakra. also, if you do not have the stamina, the clones will disappate, wrecking your Jutsu completely.

Water style: water prison: you lock your opponent in a ball of water. This requires one hand inside the ball at all times. 50 Cp while Active

Earth style: earth wall: a large slab of earth comes up and makes a wall. 80 Cp
Jan's note: don't do this unless you plan on using it as a shield or a picnic table.

Fire style: pheonix flower jutsu: You shoot multiple balls of fire at your opponent.
Smokey the fire bear's note: only you can prevent forest fires. 100 Cp

Fire style: fire prison: surrounding fire grabs your opponent and holds them still, while giving them third degree burns ^.^ 130 Cp while Active
Shinigami department note: we will not be responsible if you are a wood-jutsu user.

Shadow neck hold: while your opponent is caught with your shadow possession jutsu, you use your shadow to strangle them! 150 Cp while choking

Great expansion jutsu: an improved version of expansion jutsu. You become as big as a small village, and crush all in your path! Don't use while your in your village, lol. 150 Cp

8 trigrams: 64 palms: you hit your opponent in 64 of their chakra points, shutting off chakra flow, usually, killing them. 100 Cp and you gain 150cp if you hit them.

8 trigrams: palms rotation: you spin around at high speeds, making a dome of your fists around you and preventing any attack from hitting you. Ideal for when you are attacked by multiple enemies. 100 Cp

Open the eight inner gates: you release your brains control on your body to temporarily get imense reserves of power! Shortly afterwards, your muscles desintegrate.
Jan's note: if you leave the 8th open too long, you'll soon find yourself in Soul Society (i.e. your'e dead.)

Primary lotus: you kick your opponent into the air, and tie them up in tape/string. Then grab them and spin them, drilling them into the ground at high speeds, head first!

Secondary lotus(only can be used if you have a high speed or over): run at incredible speed at your opponent and hit him from all directions then kick him in the air then has the same attack as the primary lotus

Hidden lotus: opening of the 3 to 8th gate and it increases your speed and power by 100 fold but it has a side effect.when you use it your muscles will be damaged with emmense pressure

Great clone explosion: you make a shadow clone explode while in close-quaters combat with an enemie. Jan's note: great prank when shaking someone's hand.

Deamonic illusion: mirror heaven and earth change: when your opponent uses a low level genjutsu on you, you can reverse it back onto them!

Human puppet technique: instead of taking control of a puppet, you take control of your opponent!
Jan's note: a concious opponent can still resist and mangle the controls. only use on a paralyzed or unconcious opponent.

Sand coffin: your opponent is grabbed by sand and covered in it. The sand forms into a coffin shape.
Jan's note:can be shattered with Chidori

Sand burial: after you have your opponent in sand coffin, use sand burial to crush them with such intense force that victory is almost a certainty.

Rakiri: a more powerful version of chidori. called lightning edge, it can split lightning, and is much faster. However, it drains much more Chakra.

Five elements seal: place this seal on top of another seal, to strengthen it.

Amaterasu: you shoot black fire out of your mouth. It is hotter than the sun.
Smokey the fire bear says: only you can prevent really hot forest fires.

Water style: water dragon bullet: you shoot a dragon of water at your opponent. The water pressure usually kills.

Rasengan: a ball of wind chakra forms in your hand. It is used for destructive purposes.

Yggdrasil storm: extremely strong roots come out of the ground and crush your opponent!

Ice style: horned whale avalanche: a whale of ice aids you in battle.

Reverse clone jutsu: its exactly like shadow clone jutsu except its not destroyed when its hit and it looks like your opponent

Water Style: Black rain Jutsu: A genjutsu that tricks the opponents mind into thinking acid rain is falling upon their skin, thereby causing their skin to melt off the bone. (only an illusion
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Jonin Jutsu
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