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We are currently reviving the site. We do hope that lots of you like the changes and the updates to this soon to be active site.
The site is currently being revived. It will undergo changes in every aspect but for the most part will remain the same. (Hoping we can get rid of the damned academy XP) ~ Hiro-Kun

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PostSubject: Rank Rules   Sat Aug 16, 2008 4:46 pm

Ok New system

academy student - when u start
genin - We're working on it.........................................
chunnin - pass the chuunin exams
jounin - pass jounin exams /anbu are jounin aswel u just need to pass anbu test
kage -you can only become kage if a village kageship is open and you are at least jounin.You do not get it automatically you will e given a test so we dont have automatic kage.
seven swordsman Are Jounin and Akatsuki are S ranked
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Rank Rules
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