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 Chunin Jutsus

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PostSubject: Chunin Jutsus   Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:09 pm

Release: release a not so powerful genjutsu 20 Cp

Earth style: earth dragon bullet: earth raises up and forms into a dragon and flys toward your opponent. 50 Cp

Fire style: fire dragon bullet: a dragon of fire forms and flys at your opponent. 50 Cp

Dance of the cresent moon: you attack your opponent with a blade, then disappear. Then, reappear coming down from the moon to strike your opponent. A konoha sword style. 40 Cp

Armor of Sand: an armor of sand protects your body. 50 Cp when Active

Fire style: dragon fire jutsu: fire shoots at your opponent at high speeds.
Smokey the fire bear says: only you can prevent forest fires. 70 Cp

Fire style: Great fireball jutsu: an improved version of the fireball jutsu. This does more damage and is larger. 50 Cp
Smokey the fire bear says: only you can prevent forest fires.

Partial expansion jutsu: expand a single limb to giant size! 40 Cp
Jan's note:do not do this while picking your nose, as it is hazardous to your health.

Leaf hurricane: a double kick. You first swing your left leg at your opponent, and then follow through and hit with your right. No Cp

Twin rising dragons: two dragons rise into the air and throw hundreds of weapons at your opponent. Scroll requirement

1000 years of death: you poke your opponent in the butt, causing them to freak out and get diarhea! No Cp
Jan's note: Inadvisable nad considered perverted with women.

Jan Hakura Homebrew Jutsu: 10000 years of pain: you do 1000 years of pain, then use partial expansion Jutsu, swelling your fingers to the size of a bus and causing total obliteration of the opponent's rectum

Jan Hakura Homebrew: Jihadist harem Jutsu: creates a harem of naked women, who surround an opponent and then detonate while screaming like the suicide bombers that they are, completely destroying the target.

Jan Hakura Homebrew: 1000 years of spoilers: uses Genjutsu to project oneís voice into an opponentsí head and filling him with spoilers about Icha Icha paradise, causing the target unending agony if he reads any of the series.
Janís note: ineffective against people who donít read Icha Icha paradise.

Water style: great waterball jutsu: an improve version of the waterball jutsu. This water is three times larger! 50 Cp

Hidden mist jutsu: the field of battle is covered in thick mist, making it harder for your opponent to see you. of course, it's harder for you to see them unless your used to it. 30 Cp while Active

1000 flying water needles of death: water forms into 1000 needles, which annhilate your opponent. 100 Cp

Earth style: head hunter jutsu: you go under the ground and pull your opponent under, too, leaving only their HEAD above the ground. 80 Cp

Body flicker technique: This jutsu is used to move short distances (under a mile) instantly. There are many variants of this technique, one for every element. This is not teleportation. In truth, it is feeding Chakra into the nervous system to increase your reflexes and speed. ?

Shadow clone shuriken: you throw one shuriken at your opponent and it turns into a hundred shuriken! 90 Cp

Chidori: collecting extremely large amounts of chakra in your hand, you can make it visible and use it for destructive purposes. 200 Cp

Toad summoning: summons one of many toad allies! 100=small 200=medium 300= Large (Gamabunta)

Snake summoning: summons one of many snake allies!100=small 200=medium 300= Large (Manda)

Slug summoning: summons one of many slug allies!100=small 200=medium 300= Large

Fox summoning: summons a giant fox to aid you in battle.100=small 200=medium 300= Large

Monkey summoning: summons a monkey to aid you in battle.100=small 200=medium 300= Large

Deer summoning: summons a deer to aid you.100=small 200=medium 300= Large

Dog summoning: summons a dog to aid you.100=small 200=medium 300= Large
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Chunin Jutsus
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