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 Wood Jutsus(u must have water and earth charka 2 use these)

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PostSubject: Wood Jutsus(u must have water and earth charka 2 use these)   Wed May 28, 2008 8:00 pm

all r jonin ranked

Wood Release: Four Pillars Technique
creates a giant wooden prison

Wood Release: Wood Barrier Technique
It creates beams of wood to emerge from the ground. The beams can converge to form a half spherical barrier to deflect an incoming blast.

Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall
Creates a half-dome of wood to shield the user

Wood Release: Four Pillars House Technique
. A big house is created, all made of wood.

Wood Release Secret Technique: Birth of Dense Woodland
forces trees to grow on any surface, and can easily create a dense forest anywhere.

Wood Release: Transformation
This jutsu is just like any other Transformation Technique, however,this variaton of the Transformation Jutsu possess an elemental affinity, aka Wood then wood emerges and covers entire body and a puff of smoke or chakra covers up the transformation. Once the jutsu is done, the transformation is complete.

wood clone
creates a clone made of wood
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Wood Jutsus(u must have water and earth charka 2 use these)
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