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 Nero The Puppeteer

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PostSubject: Nero The Puppeteer   Wed May 06, 2009 3:18 am

Name: Nero
Clan: Sarukato Clan and human puppet.
Rank: Chuunin
History: Nero once a proud puppeteer for the village of Ilia was cruelly rejected for his idealism of his life goal and what he had achieved. After the fall of Ilia Nero emerged anew stronger smarter and most certainly deadly due to his newly found skill of human puppetry his love for puppet even made him turn himself into one , tho he has achieved much the only regrettable thing that has happened to him was his apprentice Raven Lenore was lost in teh destruction of Ilia , he now wanders the world in search of a new puppeteer that may be able to match his skills.
Goals: To create the ultimate puppet/being.
Village: Formely the village of rain ( ilia)
Personality: Very blatant due to him self having no emotion from the change form humanity to being a puppet, yet he can be quite quick ot decide whether to kill some one or not.
Appearance: He wears a long black cloak only revealing his stern face and his blood red hair and a wodden cross case on his back.
Name Change: He has never denied his birth name.
Learned Jutsu:Puppetry, Human puppet, Compressed Air Bullet Justu , Puppet animation and the genjustu Deathly Waters. ( will seek approval of these justus)
Weapons/Items: four puppets , a cross case afixed to his back and the uncanny yet familiar teddy bear shaped puppet that have been known to explode. Also a rather large blade such as a buster sword with small runes on it that he summons from a scroll.
WEBSITE: http://narutouzumaki-rpg.coolbb.net/portal.htm
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Nero The Puppeteer
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