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 Shizen Clan

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Nakago Shizen
Academy Student
Academy Student
Nakago Shizen

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PostSubject: Shizen Clan   Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:43 pm

Name of Bloodline: Shizen no Senshuken (Champion of Nature)
Ablities: The BL is active at birth, and it allows you to talk to and understand all animals and languages. It also allows you to transform phisically into your spirit animal, which is chosen at your birth, and fits your personality. E.G. Mine would be a Fox, which is closest to my personality, which is fun, tricky, cunning, and brave and loveable. I will now list the abilities according to rank...

Gennin: You are able to speak to and understand the type of animal your spirit animal is.

Chuunin: Now you can speak to and understand all human languages. You also can transform into your spirit animal.

Jounin: Now you can speak and understand every known language. You also can summon the type of animal your spirit animal is, but if you already have a summoning contract with a diffrent animal, the first one is removed.

Picture: There is no picture of the Kekkei Genkai, because it has no phisical manestation.
Clan Name: Shizen clan (Users have their last name as Shizen).
Clan Symbol:
Clan History: Long ago, Shizen Aturu met the Goddess of Nature and Animals. They fell in love, and had a child named Aoru, who look on the surname Shizen, and was called Aoru Shizen. He showed mystic abilities, that allowed him to talk to animals, and he proved that humans are not the only intelligent creatures out there. Over the generations, the abilities of the Shizen clan had developed into what it is now today. But, the clan was recently destroyed by sickness, and few remain alive in the clan, and Nakago seems to be one of the few left alive.
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Shizen Clan
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