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 Anbu Registry

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PostSubject: Anbu Registry   Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:14 pm

Anbu has five members each.
All anbu members are even in power.
Each of the villages,Except Outlaw, Have there own Anbu force.
Anbu are the Strongest Jonin in their villages.(But a normal jonin can surpass them with the right training.)

1.Right Hand-Reports info to the Kage.
2.Body-Must find out the whereabouts of the enemy before they strike.
3.Left Hand-Responsible for finding enemys before they escape.
4.Sword-Responsible for fighting intruders off.
5.Sheild-Responsible for keeping the Kage safe.

Name:(Your Code Name)

Village:(Not Outlaw)


Signature Jutsu:(Whats your strongest Jutsu? Make sure it is approved in the jutsu making section.)

Anbu Job:(Which duty do you have?)
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Anbu Registry
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