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PostSubject: Re: Romaji   Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:04 pm

almost everyone should know about this one or the people who know me

special ability:gem manipulation(gem depends on branch)


strongest: diamond
weakest: cobalt
than there is


Clan Symbol:a diamond with the moon and the sun in the background
moon is on the left
sun is on the right of the diamon

Clan History: The romaji clan started off in the earth village in a mine that was full of gems. The 1st romaji clan leader mined the gems and studied them and started to develop a way to change them by controlling the charka and inserting it into the gems. the leader started to adopt oprhans and teach them the way of controlling the gems. Thus creating the romaji clan. The leader than started to learn and teach the oprhans how to use the area around them and convert particles of the earth in a gem

more informaton on what romaji clan members can do:

romaji clan members can mold gems into weapons and armor after they learn how to control their charka will enough(learn it in other words)
they can also use particles of the earth mixed with their charka to make their gem
romaji clan members also have a way of making large amounts of gem come to life somewhat(more of puppet style with gems but have to a jonin to do it)
romaji clan members specailize in ninjutsu and taijutsu

picture? sorry but there is no way they look until they use one of there jutsus sorry other than that they look like their normal selfs
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