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 Byakugan Levels

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PostSubject: Byakugan Levels   Fri Aug 15, 2008 3:41 pm

Tomoe Byakugan-starting level
This is the starting level of byakugan.With this level you can't see the Tenkutsu points and you only have 180 degree vision.It appears just a white eye.Puts strain on the body everytime you use it with a lot of pain to the heart and eyes.

Saiju Byakugan-150 posts
The second level of Byakugan.With this you can only see the chakra system but still not the tenkutsu points.you Still have only 180 degree vision.Puts strain on the Heart and eyes moderately

Shiyou Byakugan-300 Posts and legendary Hyuuga Only
The second Strongest form of Byakugan.With this you can see the chakra system along with half the tenkutsu points.You also have 360 degree vision.Raises Strength and Can cast Genjutsu. Minorly puts strain on heart and eyes

Eternal Byakugan-600 Posts and only Clan Leader
The strongest Byakugan known to mandkind.You can see the whole chakra system.All the tenkutsu points and 720 degree vision.It raises Speed and Strength.Can see through anybody.Can remember chakra and locate the person that has the chakra.Can be used without strain on the body.Can cast genjutsu
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Byakugan Levels
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