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 Thunder Village Jutsus

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PostSubject: Thunder Village Jutsus   Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:54 am

Lightning Punch
User focuses electric chakra throughout his fists and hits the target with it.

Lightning Kick
See lightning punch but with foot

Static electricity
User focuses electic chakra throughout the body and with contact with another person they can electricute them.

Lightningball Jutsu
Same as fireball jutsu but with lightning chakra.

Lightning Clone
Creates clones made from pure electricity.Are like shadow clones.And when they diipate it dosent shock the person who dicipated them.They can only use lightning jutsus since they have the lightning for it.

Lightning Subsitution
Only used while Lightning clones are in effect.When the clones dicipate the person who dicipated them will receive e shock.Not powerful enough to kill you.

Lightning Prison Technique
Just like water prison technique but with lightning.

Lightning Bolt
does handsigns as a lighting bolt comes as fast as lightning and shocks the opponent.

Lightning Sword
User molds chakra into a sword made with lightning

Lightning Dome
User creates a dome over a secured area made of lightning.Only the creator of the jutsu can penetrate it without getting shocked.If someone tries to escape they will receive as much shock as touching a bolt of lightning.
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Thunder Village Jutsus
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