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 Lava Village Jutsus

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PostSubject: Lava Village Jutsus   Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:42 am


Fireball Jutsu
User does handsigns and shoots a fireball at the opponent

User does handsigns and shoots out a small wall of fire to block minor attacks

Fire Clones
user forms handsigns and creates clones from fire chakra.When dicipated it burns the dicipater.

Makes a sword using fire Chakra.Lasts 3 posts

Magma Ball
User does handsigns and Molds earth chakra into a ball as they shoot out a Magma ball.This burns the target.

Magma Clones
User forms handseals and from their chakra forms clones of magma, When striked it burns the person who touched them.

Magma Wall
user forms handsigns and forms a small wall of magma.This magma wall
will break apart with every hit only protects caster from minor attacks.


Grand Fireball Jutsu
User does handsigns and shoots a fireball larger and more powerful than the fireball jutsu at the opponent

Lava Flame dragon
User does handsigns and molds chakra into a dragon form to wrap around the opponent and it causes Serious burns if Hit.

Phoenix Flower Jutsu
User does handsigns and shoots out multiple balls of fire at the opponent.

Lava River Jutsu
User does handsigns and Lava huddles from under the ground and burns the foes feet all the way through the body.

Magma Spear Jutsu
User does handsigns and stomps the ground as 10 Magma Spears lift in the air and head straight for the foe.


Lava Style:Lava Pool
User does handsigns and a pool of Lava is right under the opponents feet.

Fire Style : Fire Rasengan (can be normal fire , blue or white fire )
The user forms a rasengan made of fire chakra ( causes burns)

Earth Style : Earth Rasengan
The user foucuses their chakra and forms a rasengan made of earth chakra when hit on the opponent it causes the opponent to be knocked back like if against a boulder

Lava Style : Grand Lava Wave
The user does handsigns and combines both earth and fire chakra to make lava and sends a Giant wave of it towards the opponent

Lava Style : Lava Rasengan
A rasengan made of lava, Utilizes Nothing But Lava and Chakra, causes severe burns

Lava Prison Jutsu
does handsigns and traps the foe in a prison made of lava and
chakra.Like Water prison but in this prison it's 200 degrees in there.

Magma Pillar Jutsu
does handsigns and giant pillars come out of the ground as hot as magma
and Jam into the opponent.Wastes chakra withi each pillar they control.

Lava Wall Jutsu
Same as firewall jutsu but with Lava.Blocks strong attacks.

Magma Style:Rollout Jutsu
User makes large balls comprised of Magma on roll them hitting the Foe.

Magma Meteor Jutsu
User does handsigns and ten Meteors comprised of Magma fall all on the foe.Causes Serious Burn

Lava Clones
Sam as Fire lones but hotter.


Lava tornado
does handsigns then focuses lava chakra into his chest then spits as
the lava spins creating a tornado made of Lava.Can almost kill the
person if hit.Causes major burns.

Lava Dungeon Jutsu of Nothingness
Same as Earth chamber of nothingness but with Lava.

Fissure Jutsu
does handsigns and stomps the ground as a giant hole appears where the
user is standing.If they fall through they are burned up from the pool
of Lava at the Bottom.

Ultimate Apocolypse Ball Jutsu
molds chakra of Magma and Lava together and shoots a Ball bigger than
the Grand Fireball jutsu made with Magma and Lava.Cause Immense Burns
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Lava Village Jutsus
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